Johnny Midas Servitor Ritual

Johnny Midas Servitor Ritual

MQ August 11, 2014Magick, Ritual

Three day ritual designed to awaken and evoke The Wealthbringer

This work is one of three parts three days. Upon conclusion of the work the magician may effectively call upon Johnny Midas for personal workings as well as a key to actively access the Prosperity Web in all of its potential and dimension. These workings are best done in immediate succession rather than spaced out between weeks.

Tell Johnny What You Love, Baby

Begin the working on a Friday, the day of desire.  

Gather this day

  • Pen, pencil, marker or other writing instrument.
  • 7 Pieces of plain white paper
  • 1 Piece of green paper or cloth
  • About 3 feet of string, ribbon, or thread, white or gold preferable

Spend time throughout the day contemplating your passions and desires as you go about your regular activities.

Consider what makes you feel contentment. Consider what makes you feel rich. Consider what you are passionate about. Consider what you love doing. It is important to not focus on immediate desires at hand. Do not focus on what you wish to obtain but rather why you wish to obtain it. Think of your life with your desire fulfilled.

Hash out in your mind what prosperity truly means to you. Be very honest with yourself, no one will know but you and Johnny, and Johnny don’t judge.

Sometime towards the end of the day when you can arrange for some time alone, sit somewhere comfortable and quiet with a pen and 7 pieces of paper.

Write one of the following words on the top of each piece of paper, meditating on its meaning as you do so.

  • Wisdom
  • Prudence
  • Sacrifice
  • Persistence
  • Patience
  • Integrity
  • Bravery

Write the word Prosperity on the bottom of each page.

Utilize breathing exercises, meditation, and visualization techniques of your preference to reach a relaxed trance state.

You should feel very fluid and light and tranquil when you begin.

Place your first piece of paper in front of you, taking note of the top and bottom word as you do so.

Once you have placed it down in front of you try not to let your eye focus on either word. Instead focus on the center of the page for a minute or two. Allow your mind to clear while you do this, think of nothing but the white of the paper in front of you.

Taking your pen in hand, place it in the center of the page while closing your eyes. Let your hand be guided by the energy of the page to create a simple, unique sigil.

Do this for all 7 pages and 7 words.

When you have completely received all seven prosperity runes,starting with the last and going through to the first, retrace them with your fingertip.

One by one fold each sheet three times and place it in a pile in the center of the green paper or cloth.

Wrap the Prosperity Runes in green then take the string and wrap it around them seven times.

Make three knots to bind them together.

The work is complete.

Place the Rune package on your altar or charge as desired with further ritual.

Do not open the package until the third day.

Make Way For Johnny

Begin this work on a Saturday, day of restriction.

Gather this day

  • A small stone. Grey or black preferable.
  • A pinch of graveyard dirt, collected as your practice requires
  • A square of black cloth
  • A length of red thread
  • A bone from a bird
  • A candle
  • A piece of plain paper
  • A writing tool

Carry the small stone with you throughout the day. As you go about your regular activities envision and contemplate the different internal and external factors that seem to inhibit your prosperity. Identify different habits or traits that you see in yourself that work against you. Dissect your options and life variables and determine why they have not been enacted yet in your life.

In the evening go to a quiet place and prepare for the ritual. Let your surroundings be dark. Light only the candle you have brought with you and place it in front of you.

Fold the piece of paper in thirds lengthwise then again in thirds creating 9 separate boxes. Tear the paper at the folds to create 9 small pieces of paper.

On the top of each write on of the following.

  • Lust
  • Waste
  • Greed
  • Sloth
  • Wrath
  • Jealousy
  • Pride
  • Fear
  • Obstacle

Draw a black line on the bottom of the box.

Open your ritual in accordance with your own practice, and sit again before the flame.

When you have reached a state of trance or gnosis one by one take each square of paper, Like yesterday focus on the center of the square letting your hand deliver the runes of desolation.

Place the form face down when you are done and pile them on each other.

When you have completed all 9 runes lay the black cloth before you. In the center sprinkle half of the graveyard dirt, laying the ground for the death of your obstacles.

Take the runes and wrap them face down around the bone of a bird, bind them in place and secure them to the bone by wrapping them with the red thread 9 times, prohibiting them the power of flight in your life. Concentrate on the binding as you do this.

Place the stone you have been carrying all day through your meditations in the center of the cloth. Add to the pile the bound runes.

Cover the items with the remainder of your graveyard dirt, burying them as dead and nullifying their power in your life of the living.

Gather the cloth and create a bundle.

Tie it shut with more red thread, knotting it seven times.

Bury it someplace off of your property, preferably at a crossroads, or throw it into moving water.

Banish and cleanse yourself, the ritual area, and your home.

Heeerree’s Johnny!

Begin this work on a Sunday, the day of Gold rising.

Gather this day

  • A square of white or gold cloth
  • A white stone or crystal
  • A pinch of dirt or small stone from the grounds of a bank or financial institution.
  • Three coins
  • Something gold
  • Something silver
  • Three green leaves
  • Seven blades of grass.
  • String or thread of any colors you desire.
  • Small piece of paper and a pen
  • Your green bundle from Friday’s working

Spend the day reveling in all ways in which you are already prosperous. Watch the sun as it moves across the sky, giving life to green things growing across the globe. Radiating outward with ferocity. Take a moment to stand with your eyes closed and face up towards the sun. Use the day to feel enlivened and strengthened. Smile as much as you can, exude gratefulness. Attempt to be mindful of all tasks as you go about your day. Being present and in the moment as much as possible. For here is the seat of the magicians power.

At some point during the day while the sun is still in the sky, cleanse and banish your ritual space.

In the center of ritual space place the white or gold cloth.

Draw upon it the sigil of Johnny Midas the Wealthbringer.

Place on top of this the green bundle with your prosperity runes,

Open the bundle and write each rune on your small piece of paper, putting all seven glyphs together on one side.

Set the original runes about your altar or ritual space as desired.

Remove the green cloth from the white, and replace it with the paper of your glyphs.

Begin to add to the center of your bundle the rest of your gatherings.

The white stone or crystal to empower, the three coins as a toll for navigating crossroads, the three leaves for growth, the seven blades of grass for expansion, the silver and gold to bring prosperity manifest, the ground or stone from a bank to extend the Wealthbringer’s influence to modern fields.

Meditate on his sigil in the center as you do this, when the time is right fold the cloth into a bundle and secure with string. Raise your head again to the sun and envision in your minds eye the sigil of Johnny Midas hovering above you in front of the sun.

Commune and explore him as desired and allowed.
Johnny Midas can be used as an active agent and gatherers of the Prosperity Web energies

Close the ritual in your desired fashion.

Place the juju bag of Johnny Midas upon your altar and charge it each Sunday in any way which you are inspired.

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Persephone and the Pomegranate Seeds

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This was written for the Pomegranate Prophecies, found here.

It was a perfect spring day when Persephone decided to go pick a bouquet of flowers. She had sat down and begun to make a daisy chain, when her uncle, Hades, came by. He had always been one of her favorite Gods; there was something mysterious about the underworld that had always appealed to her. She smiled and sprung up, rushing to hug him.

As Hades hugged his niece, he was stunned; wrapped around him was the curvacious form of a matured goddess and not a little girl. He looked into her blue eyes and couldn’t help himself; he caught those deep red lips with his pale ones.

She gasped breathlessly as he pulled back abruptly, an apologetic look on his face. As Hades parted his pale lips to speak, she crushed herself against him, pressing her lips to his once more. The heady sensation of lust rolled across her and she answered its call.

As they laid in the grass, Hades reached over and stroked Persephone’s face. “You’re so beautiful. I want to show you the best parts of my world.”

Persephone smiled at him. “You know my Mother will never agree to letting me go,” she wistfully replied. Hades sighed heavily, trying to think of a way around Demeter.

“I’ll ask Zeus,” he declared. Standing, he kissed her once more before disappearing into the Earth. Persephone returned home to Demeter, wistful and pouty, longing for the embrace of Hades.

The two met everyday for a week, meeting in the hiding places of Persephone’s childish haunts. Finally Zeus had time to meet with Hades. Listening to his brother’s dilemma, he demanded that Hades marry Persephone as the consequence of his action, and to figure out a way to get Demeter to agree to it.

At a loss, the couple went to the best trickster and marauder they knew- Eris. The goddess listened to the little plan the two haphazardly laid out, with a cheeky grin spreading across her face. “This sounds like fun!” she shouted, swinging her legs on the edge of her seat. They began to form a plan to hide Persephone from Demeter long enough to make it to the Underworld, where Eris would marry them.

The wedding day dawned fine and bright, and Persephone donned her favorite frock- a bit of color for the “gloom” of her new realm. Likewise, Hades wore his finest, coming up to the earth and the appointed place early to avert any problems. Finally the signal was given- the meeting between Zeus, Hera, and Demeter- and his radiant Persephone appeared.

“Persephone, my love, will you marry me, and be the Queen of the Underworld?” he asked as he offered his hand to her.

“Yes,” she confidently replied, climbing into his chariot and for the first time, undergoing the journey to the underworld. She gasped as the earth parted with a rumble and the chariot plunged into the tunnel. Her breath was taken away as she saw the roots of plants, burrows of small animals, bug homes and earth worms, all displayed neatly as they hurtled by. Soon she was seeing layers of stone and fossils. She was fascinated by the sights and Hades smiled at her expressions of childlike wonder.

“You’re going to bring the light back to us,” he softly whispered in her ear, as he stood behind her. The rivers of the Underworld began to pass by, and a shadow fell over her face as she saw how gloomy the regions looked. “This is the river Acheron…. Cocytus…. Lethe… Phlegethon…. and the Styx. And… this is our home- our part of the wonder- the House of Hades.” The chariot stopped, and Hades stepped out, helping Persephone out as well. She looked around, dismayed by the lackluster of the region. It reminded her of an old home that had been abandoned and filled with spiders. She made a sour face and shook her head.

“We’ll certainly need to spruce the place up,” she said with a slight smile.

“Whatever you wish,” he replied, looking into her eyes. Their lips were just meeting as Eris appeared like a wraith, scaring them both. She chuckled with a sparkle in her eyes as they jumped.

“Are we ready to get this wedding going?” she asked as Hera strode forward.

The pair nodded, and Hera began officiating, grim and stoic as always (she had only agreed to this because it would anger Demeter even more).

Over the next few months, the couple lived blissfully. Persephone redecorated the palace, bringing new life to the realm, as well as taking on some of her duties as queen. Meanwhile though, things on earth had become quite ugly. Demeter had refused to let things grow since Persephone’s disappearance, and no one would tell her where her beloved daughter had gone. Finally things had become bad enough to where Zeus had to step in on behalf of the humans.

“Demeter,” he said when she appeared before him, “You have to quit this! Let things grow again.”

“No.” she simply replied.

“What do you want??” he asked, impatiently.

“I want Persephone back. No one will tell me where our daughter has gone, Zeus.”

Zeus sighed heavily and thought for a few moments before he answered “She has gone to the underworld and married Hades.” Angry, Demeter stormed out of Olympus and huffed her way to the earth, knocking at the door to the underworld at Cumae. Plowing the doorway guardian over, she marched her way to the ferryman and demanded a ride to the palace. Afraid to argue with such a fearsome force, the ferryman agreed and took her there.

Persephone and Hades were sitting out in the courtyard when Demeter showed up. They were sitting beside each other, laughing and flirting. Persephone leapt up when she saw her mother’s countenance.

“Persephone, you are coming home with me NOW.” Demeter commanded.

“No mother, I am not.” Persephone calmly replied. “I am married. This is my home now, and father said it was fine.”

“Then the earth will die, dear child. I have vowed not to allow growth to come to the plants until you are returned.”

“That is a shame. I’m not coming with you.” Persephone turned and haughtily walked into the palace, shutting the door behind her. Demeter turned on Hades, her eyes spitting fire at the one who had taken her child from her. Hades merely sat in the same place, folding his hands in his lap and matching her stare. Furious, Demeter returned to Olympus, and demanded an audience with Zeus.

“What now?” Zeus asked.

“Persephone will not come back home, and I will not allow the plants to grow until she does. She is your daughter as well, and she belongs in our world of light and life, not in that world of dark and death.”

“I will see what I can do,” Zeus tiredly said, wanting to get her off his back, and adding “As long as she hasn’t eaten the food of the underworld, I will command her to come back.”
Eris had been spying on Demeter, seeing what kind of fun she could have, and quickly went to the Underworld before Zeus could send Hermes, his messenger. Persephone was out in the garden, trying to convince some of the underworld plants she had sown to grow. Walking quietly up to Persephone, Eris tapped her on the shoulder, frightening her. “OH, it’s just you!” Persephone said with a laugh. “What are you doing here?” she asked. Eris smiled and simply held out her hand. Within the cup of her palm were five pomegranate seeds.

“A gift for the glowing wife,” she simply answered, watching Persephone take and swallow the seeds.

“Thank you,” Persephone replied.

“You’re welcome,” Eris said in farewell.

Shortly afterwards, Hermes arrived in the underworld, bearing Zeus’ message for the couple. With a panicked look on her face, Persephone asked Hades “Can they do that?? I don’t want to go back.”

With a sad look on his face, Hades nodded his head, adding thoughtfully “If you’ve already eaten some of our underworld fruit though… you could stay.”

Out of nowhere, the cheeky voice of Eris announced “Ah, but she has.” The startled trio looked around, surprised to see her sitting high upon the top of the palace.

“What do you mean Eris?” asked Hades.

“Earlier today,” she replied as she uncrossed her legs, “I watched Persephone eat five Pomegranate seeds.” She giggled and winked at Persephone. Smiling, relieved, Persephone nodded her head in agreement.

“I’ll have to notify Zeus of this,” Hermes said in a stern voice. Both he and Eris left for Olympus, leaving the two worried lovers alone.

A few hours later, Hermes returned. “Zeus has decided that you are to be returned to Demeter, but for five months of the year you are to come home to Hades.” Tears began to slowly fall from Persephone’s face as she kissed Hades goodbye, but the hope and promise of the five months was comfort already.

A Noiseless Patient Spider

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Written for DKMU in November 2010

(written as an audio glitterbomb for a room full of catholics)


A noiseless patient spider,
I mark’d where on a little promontory it stood isolated,
It launched forth filament, filament, filament, out of itself,
Ever unreeling them, ever tirelessly speeding them.

And you O my soul where you stand,
Surrounded, detatched, in measureless oceans of space,
Ceaselessly musing, venturing, throwing, seeking the spheres to connect them,
Till the bridge you will need be form’d, till the ductile anchor hold,
Till the gossamer thread you fling catch somewhere, O my soul.

There is an organization that incorpates spiders into their servitor, Ellis. They are iconoclasts; their manifesto states their intent as “attempting to deconstruct reality.” Their books and videos portray this; exemplifying avenues such as books, treasure hunts, graffiti tagging, protest and more. But at the heart, buried beneath this cloak of guerilla warfare against tradition and society is the truth; they are searching for knowledge– perhaps the truths that society represses and buries.

Walt Whitman did this as well. He sought out universal truths in the world around him and wrote about taboo things like homosexuality. He was searching…

“A noiseless patient spider” is a poem about the search; whether this search is personal, a group jointure, or humanity itself. As I read this poem I felt the echoes of my own search, and was often reminded of Ellis. She is often portrayed as a spider in a web of knowledge, and the first line brings me to that image: the spider, noiseless and patient, waiting. The “vacant vast surrounding” called to me of this endless search to know. For there is always more to be learned. The “filaments”, “unreeling” and “tirelessly speeding” in the last two lines of the first stanza once more remind me of the red queen, her spiders networking across the globe. At the same time it reminds me of a scholar and her query and the search for the answer.

When, in the first line of the second stanza, he says “you O my soul”, it brings this search for knowledge to a new level, including the search for the universal truth of belonging. Why are we here? This truth, that religion so desperately tries to answer. “Surrounded, detached, in measureless oceans of space,” this line portrays the individual, and their search among the countless religions and spiritualities. The next line “Ceaselessly musing, venturing, throwing, seeking” is this individual’s search among them for the one that fits them and their beliefs; the perfect mythos. The final line signifies this connection; the bridge from simple humanity to the knowledge of something greater– the transcending of a soul. This can be anything; the immortality of publishing for an author, or the hope of faith for a born-again believer. Or perhaps, the touch of something like Ellis.


Money Magick 1

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Money magick is a lot harder than people may think. Some of the greatest minds in the world died penniless and unknown, and some of the greatest magicians are homeless. It involves more than just ritual because at the root of prosperity, one must also be successful enough at what one does to maintain these results, and do so consistently. In response to this logic, many answers have been concieved, and get rich books abound.


In answer of like kind, Mad Queen and I will be posting some common attempts among magicians, occultists, and the curious. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing some of our attempts, and thoughts using #MagickMondays. (We will also be writing for #WitchyWednesdays!)


Over the years my husband and I have tried a variety of ways to improve our luck, and to do do well. Ritual and workings can go a long way and help in a pinch, but magick certainly goes further if there is something for it to work with. And that means working on your life on a mundane and ordinary level, whether that means couponing, eating out less, getting a job you don’t really want to work, or taking the bus. Budgeting and living within your means is always the best choice, but let’s be real here… For most of us it doesn’t come easily, and life is usually trowing new curveballs- that are expensive! It’s not impossible to strike a balance though. You just have to learn to give up some thing for another thing. And you can learn to do things yourself, instead of paying someone to do it for you.


You’re not going to be very successful without hard work and sacrifice, and a lot of people have a hard time dedicating the time and resources to change. Change is hard and difficult, and at times frightening. But change is often the catalyst necessary for success; whether that change comes in the form of further education, a new hobby, a new place or city, or something else. Look around and you’ll find a lot of successful magicians are in the process of change.


Whether you’re just taking that first step, or in the midst of long-term change, I hope that the theme this month’s topic will be helpful. Mundane work is what paves the way for success and prosperity, but sometimes you just want to put in that extra work, or you could use some extra luck. In such times, magick can certainly help alter things the way you want, even if you are just using positive affirmations to change the way you view and think of money. Sometimes that is all it takes.


Don’t forget to check out Mad Queen’s post as well, here!

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Meditation Resources

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Here are some links and resources on meditation for those of you working on it (:


Mindfulness, from the Greater Good

 Buddhist Techniques

Meditation for beginners: 20 practical tips for quieting the mind

Magical Technique: Meditation from Cantrap

Erowid’s meditation vault

The purpose of meditation in magic

Meditation, Grounding, and Centering

Basic grounding technique

The Conservatory of Magic’s series on meditation: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Zazen method of meditation instructions 

 The Lesser Elvis Banishing Ritual of the Sequined Pentagram

Rev. Saint Pope Oblyvion

NOTE: This ritual was dictated to me whilst skrying into the black, shiny part of an Elvis record.

The purpose of this ritual is clear the area of all Elvis-negative influences.

This includes all that is not patroitic and all that is not of White Trash at heart.

Begin by facing in the direction of Graceland. For easy reference, we shall call this East.

1: Visualize the infinitely bright light of a Las Vegas spotlight descending upon you.

2: Draw this Holy Light into your head, intoning:


3: Point downward, hand over… personal privates… , intoning:


4: Point to right shoulder.


5: Point to left shoulder.


This is the Holy Cross of Elvis. Conclude by saying: “Uh-huh”.

6: Facing East (Graceland), draw a bright, blue, sequined pentagram in the air. Be sure to visualize the light relfecting off of the shimmering sequines. Intone:


7: Repeat step six to the south. Intone:


8: To the west, intone:


9: To the north, intone:


Between each of the above steps, you should make part of a circle connecting each pentagram. This circle should be made of the Light of the Holy Las Vegas Spotlight. Imagine yourself bathed in the Holy Vegas Light. Face Graceland.

10: Before you, imagine Elvis as a baby, containing his True Elvis Potential. This is the Elvis of Air.

Say: ELVIS, thou who were born a King in Lowly Surroundings. Fulfill your potential. Be present with me today.

11: Behind you, imagine the young man Elvis, on the brink of Stardom. This is the Elvis of Water.

Say: ELVIS, thou who art about to realize your Kingliness among men. Fulfill that Potential. Be with me today.

12: To your right, imagine Elvis in the prime of his career, when he was making movies and the like. He thrusts his pelvis suggestively. This is the Elvis of Fire.

Say: ELVIS, thou who art leading us to Light. Be with me today.

13: To your left, imagine Elvis in his Las Vegas stage. He wears sunglasses and is slightly pudgy. This is the Elvis of Earth.

Say: ELVIS, thou who didst die on the pot of an overdose. Be with me today.

Repeat the Holy Cross of Elvis. Thus ends the Ritual.

This ritual should be repeated daily. If you wish, you may use Elvis music in the background to aid your concentration. If you have an altar, it should contain a Microphone Wand, a Microphone-Stand Dagger, an Elvis “45 Disc, and small porcelain toilet (Chalice).

May the Holy Light of Las Vegas Shine within you.

Love is the Law. Love under Rock & Roll.

Rev. Saint Pope Oblyvion
Disorder of the Silver Cantaloupe
For a good laugh go here:

Fotamecus: A Time Experiment

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Fotamecus is a bit of an icon among the chaos magicians of the internet. [1] He was one of the first sigils that went on to become a servitor, and then later an egregore. [2] He was created with the intention of compressing or expanding time. His name itself is a mantric sigil- fo-tuh-meh-kus.

Fotamecus was created in 1996 in the United States by‘s Fenwick Rysen, and two friends of his, Quinn and Ruben. It really began to take off after large amounts of energy from a Metallica Concert were funneled into the sigil, and six Chaotes on a trip in the San Francisco Bay area implemented it. [3] The results of the increase in energy and the large number of individuals now using the sigil led to an increase in intelligence and it quickly morphed into a servitor; a year later, the empowerment rite turned him into an Egregore. At this point, it was modified into a viral network called The Fotamecus Viral Servitor Network, at which time a series of changes were enacted. The network was created from a series of spawned copies of Fotamecus himself, designed to handle the expansion of time resulting in equal parts to its original compression. However, the creators did not include any way to check Fotamecus’ growth, and the servitor quickly got out of hand. [4] The ritual was performed during “the hour that does not exist,” between the Daylight Savings Time, and that of Standard Time; it included the smashing of a clock, a common representation of Choronos, the God of Time. The clock was used to represent the Arrow of Time, [5] or the restricted straight flow of time that is commonly held as its movement. A few weeks later, Renwick wrote that the Egregore was dissatisfied and was openly challenging Chronos for the Godhood.



In 2000, Matt Lee created Indifference Productions to create the Godmaker Program, which would produce a film on Fotamecus. He claimed to have created a new sigil for the egregore on July 25, 2000, after reading some information on the internet. [6] A large amount of 16MM film was produced, but never edited. Small segments of the film were released after 2003, including a trailer for the video that is no longer up, [7] and a short film under the name of ‘Chronomancy.’ [8] The company went out of business in 2006, and little has been heard since.

Over time, Fotamecus gained quite a following in the 156 current. He warrented his own section in Julian Vayne’s book, “Now That’s What I Call Chaos Magick.” Ritual use is wide and applied to a variety of needs, but his main use is still travel. Frequently the breaking of clocks is involved, [9] and large rituals are performed during the hour that doesn’t exist. [10] Other common elements are the dispute between him and Chronos, ritual talismans in the form of cookies, [11] as well as the use of coins in place of clocks for on the go, [12] He is still used heavily during trips, work, and by travelling mages. There only seem to be two compaints- the time backlash, [13] and a bit of a snotty additude. [14]

Fotamecus was always created with the intention of compressing time. One merely needs to send energy along with the intention. Once time has been compressed, an equal amount of time must be expanded. May all your experiences with him be fruitful.




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The Magical Technology of Fotamecus

Fotamecus is a spirit that I’ve worked with for several years, an entity with the power to assist us in expanding or contracting our subjective perception of time. I say ‘subjective’ advisedly – while we live in a world of atomic clocks and the connected pulse of internet timekeeping – as Dr Who observes, “People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… timey wimey… stuff.”

Clocking the nature of time

I’ll give you a recent example. I needed to catch a train and had set out from home just a little too late. The inveitable morning traffic jam meant that I arrived into town only 7 minutes before the train was due to leave. While waiting at a roundabout on the road, watching the digital clock in my vehicle tick inexorably away, I chanted the name Fotamecus and deployed the Slow Time mudra. This is one of three mudras that were developed during the rituals which attended the filming of Chronomancy (I’ll explain the tech. in a moment).

Arriving at the railway carpark I had moments to spare. I grabbed my belongings and rushed into the station. In front of me a man was buying a complex ticket but even so I was still able to pay for mine and successfully board the train. Once sat down I used the Reset Time mudra to put time back into its normal course, and mentally thanked the Fotamecus spirit for its assistance.

Now of course as a chaos magician there are numerous ways in which I can look at the sequence of events above. I could say that psychologically the effect of placing my trust in an (apparently) external entity (ie Fotamecus) allowed me to relax and not to get flustered (and end up wasting time by doing stuff like dropping my keys, fiddling for change in my wallet, forgetting that I has already got the number on my phone needed to pay for my parking and so didn’t need to use the machine in the car park but could pay for the service once onboard the train).

Then there is the inner scientist which says ‘well hey, what about all those times where you used Fotamecus and it didn’t work?’ However the answer to that is ‘there aren’t any’. Now this doesn’t mean I, Fotamecus or whoever has absolute control over time. Had I left my house even later, or the traffic had been even more heavy, I probably wouldn’t have bothered with any magical shenanigans, but would have simply accepted the fact that I’d have to drive to my destination rather than take the train. This is part of the trick of magic. That the magician seeks to bend reality, to warp the possible futures of experience. There is little or no point in casting spells to achieve highly improbably outcomes. The skill of applied magic is finding where some wriggle room in a system exists and placing pressure skilfully there. (The story of the Taoist Butcher explains this beautifully.)

Then there is the animist or spiritist view of Fotamecus. That this is an entity which exists in something like another dimension (usually called the astral plane or whatever). This could means that the manifestation of this entity is a warping of the 4th dimension (duration) which has effects in the first to the third dimensions (the world of apparent objects). The spirit doesn’t exist only in a separtate reality but has some form of agency because of its emergence in dimensions beyond the 4th (check out this nice video, previously posted by Sef to this blog, to wrap your brain round multi-dimensional reality HERE). This means that what the spirit can do in our apparent reality can look miraculous. The emergent properties of the spirits’ character, and its abilities, may well be rooted in the 3D world (they exist as names, gestures, films, images etc) and are really no more tricky to explain than the fact that a cascade of chemical interactions emerges to form your mind reading this text.

So let’s get down to some magic-tech…

Developing a relationship with the spirit

It’s polite to develop a relationship with anythng your going to work with – people, entities, entheogens, tools. In the case of the spirits there are various models of how to do this. Perhaps one of the most obvious is the notion of feeding the spirit. In the case of Fotamecus I recommend the following:

Spend some time getting to know the spirit. Read its back story (some of which is HERE). Maybe create your own sigil, or use one of the ones that have already been connected to this entity, and place this on your altar or perhaps beside a clock in your home.

Have a party for Fotamecus. In Britain I do this when our clocks change; forward an hour in the spring and back an hour in autumn. Decorate the sigil or other represetentation of Fotamecus with suitable offerings (clock parts and dandelions for example). Watch films that you think Fotamecus would ‘like’ (aside of Chronomancy movies like MomentoRitual in Transfigured Time or Back to the Future  and lots of others, would work). Chant the name Fotamecus as an offering of practice – experiment with doing this slowly, faster etc.

Devotional Fotamecus wallpaper

Using the Fotamecus Mudras

These are three mudras designed for empty handed magic. They are based on one of the forms of sign language. They are best deployed after chanting the name of Fotamecus (at whatever speed or volume) to get into a light trance state and of course having first made your own connection to the spirit.

To slow time down: Extend your left arm, palm down, and slowly move the palm of your right hand up the left arm, stroking it from fingers to upper arm. This is a slow movement.

To speed time up: Hold your thumb, index and middle fingers out beside your right ear. Now quickly move your hand forward so the arm is outstreched, with the fingers closing as the arm reaches full extension (rather as though catching an insect).

To re-set time: Place the palms of both hands over the forehead, thumbs extended. Now pull the hands apart so that the hands end up roughly over the shoulders. As you do this the thumbs and fingers fold in (imagine you are strectching out an invisible blob of  ‘timey wimey’ something between them). As you make this mudra close your eyes for a moment.

Experiment with these techniques for yourself (and, of course, create your own) and you too can discover how time is on your side 🙂




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